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Feb 10th, 2020
When you are looking for a job, time is money.  You can't afford to invest much time into something unless it is going to bring you results.  Internships have the potential to significantly help you secure a job.  However, there is always a risk that you can put in all that time, and still end up with nothing.  So how can you tell if an internship is going to be worth the investment? Here are some guidelines to help you make that assessment: 1.  Have a goal, and a clear idea of how this internship will help you reach that goal.  If you know exactly what you are... + continue reading
Feb 09th, 2020
You have finally got an interview and it feels amazing!  Just getting to this stage in the hiring process is a huge accomplishment.  Allow yourself a quick victory dance and then get back to work.  You want to find a way to turn this interview into a job offer and the key is in your preparation.  Here are some tips that will help you set yourself up for success: Do Your Research.  Research is one of the most important things to do to prepare for an interview.  You need to research the industry so that you have an understanding of the labour market needs and... + continue reading
Feb 02nd, 2020
So you got fired.  What now?  Is your career over?  Will any employer be willing to hire you knowing that you were let go?  As upsetting as this situation is, try not to lose your composure.  Many people have been fired from a job and have ended up in a career where they were much happier.  Here are some tips that will help you move past this chapter: Have an honest and professional conversation with your (previous) employer.  It is important that you understand why you have been let go.  This feedback is valuable information that will help you in your... + continue reading
Jan 27th, 2020
When your job title does not accurately represent what you do, it can be difficult to market your skills to potential employers.  While it may be tempting to edit your job title so that it provides a more accurate description of your experience, it is a bad idea.  Here's why:      It makes you look dishonest.  Chances are that somebody is going to figure out that you got creative with your job title and when they do, they won't look at you in the same way.  Hiring managers are naturally suspicious of applicants, so don't give them any reason to distrust... + continue reading
Jan 22nd, 2020
Change in our lives is often both unexpected and uninvited.  Maybe you have a new manager or you have lost your job altogether.  You feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you.  So how do you cope?  Here are some tips that will help you manage this transition: Acknowledge your feelings.  When faced with a big change in your life, you might feel scared, sad, angry, overwhelmed, or like you have lost control.  All of these emotions are valid and perfectly understandable.  It is important that you acknowledge and address these feelings.  Talk to... + continue reading
Jan 19th, 2020
You did it!  You managed to get the employer's attention with your carefully-written resume and you wowed them at the interview.  They just need to check your references and the job is yours!  You are so close that you can taste it!  Don't crack the champagne yet; you still have some work to do.  The reference check is a very real part of the selection process.  Here are a few tips that will help you be successful: Get good quality references.  Put yourself in the employer's shoes; who would you consider to be the most credible references?  Chances are... + continue reading
Jan 15th, 2020
It is estimated that the average person changes careers more than five times in their life.  The decision to take a different path is a courageous one and it can lead you to a more fulfilling and meaningful career.  However, if you're switching careers, you'll need to make BIG changes to your resume and this can be a little overwhelming.  Here are a few tips that will help you modify your resume so that it supports the new direction that you plan to take:     Emphasize your education.  If your education is more closely related to your target job than your work... + continue reading