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Jan 15th, 2019
Do you always send a thank you email after an interview?  You should.  Not only is it another opportunity to make a positive impression on the employer near the time when they will be deciding who they want to hire, but some employers will wait to see which of the candidates send thank you emails as a way of assessing both level of interest and professionalism.  Here are some tips to make the thank you email work to your advantage:  Send it quickly.  It is important to send your thank you email promptly.  Ideally, you should send it within 24 to 48 hours of your... + continue reading
Jan 10th, 2019
You are so close to getting your dream job that you can taste it.  The hiring manager picked you and they have presented you with an offer.  What do you do?  Do you sign it as fast as you possibly can so that they don't have time to change their mind?  Or do you negotiate your salary?  Some people are afraid that if they try to negotiate their salary, the employer will think that they are greedy or that they are overly focused on the money.  However these assumptions are not serving you well.  As an employee, it is in your best interest to negotiate. ... + continue reading
Jan 04th, 2019
The New Year is a fresh start.  What are you going to try this year?  What are you going to do differently to improve your life?  The gyms are packed and everyone you know is on a diet but there are many different directions that you could go with your New Year's resolutions.  Why not use it as an opportunity to fast track your career?!  Here are a few changes that you can make in the way that you conduct yourself at work that will make you a more valued employee and open up doors for you: Do your best work.  It can be tempting to fall into the trap of just... + continue reading
Dec 19th, 2018
While the holiday season is typically slow for the job search, it does offer unique opportunities.  There is a variety of employment specifically available at this time of year, particularly in the retail sector.  You may be tempted just to relax and enjoy the festivities but take a moment to consider this opportunity.  Seasonable employment does provide a variety of benefits to job seekers: Get a reference.  When you are looking for a job, a professional reference is invaluable.  Many employers will not hire you until they have spoken to two professional references... + continue reading
Dec 13th, 2018
With the holiday season upon us, you might be tempted to slow down on your job search.  Perhaps you are swamped with social engagements and you've noticed that the jobs advertised are few and far between.  Don't be so quick to give up on the year.  There are still lots of things that you can be doing that will contribute to your job search.  Here are a few ideas: Keep checking the job ads.  While there are probably less jobs available at this time of year, some companies will still need to hire.  The good news is that you will likely be facing less... + continue reading
Dec 04th, 2018
With the holidays creeping up on us, so are those workplace holiday parties.  Some people love them; some people hate them.  The informality of these parties can make them a bit of a minefield if you don't handle yourself appropriately.  Follow these tips and the holiday party will be a positive ending to your year at work: Go to the party.  Yes, it's a busy time of year and maybe you aren't overly excited about seeing your coworkers outside of work hours but it's important that you make an effort to attend.  The holiday party is a valuable opportunity for you to... + continue reading
Nov 27th, 2018
How do you feel about showing up to a networking event all by yourself?  Are you comfortable initiating conversation with people you don't know?  Do you feel confident introducing yourself in a professional setting?  If you are looking for a job, there is no strategy more effective than networking.  If you aren't using your network effectively, it is going to be difficult for you to be successful.  Many people shy away from networking but the truth is that it can open doors for you.  If you would like to try networking but you aren't sure where to start, here are... + continue reading