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How to Look for a Job When Self Isolating

Everyone is feeling anxious right now.  If you don't have a job, you may be feeling even more uneasy because we don't know what's ahead.  Even though you probably won't get called in for an interview this week, there are still tasks that you can be doing at home that will help you progress in your job search.  
Use the Time to Reflect  This is a good opportunity to reflect on your job search and on your career in general  Take this time to think about where you are now and where you are headed.  Is it time to consider a career change?  Have you been getting results from your job search?  Should you be trying a new strategy?  When you take a step back to look at the bigger picture, you are able to see your situation more clearly.
Update your LinkedIn Profile.  This is the perfect time to review and improve your profile on LinkedIn.  Look at people with similar job titles and identify what they have done well on their profiles.  Reach out to your contacts to say hello and see if you can find any new contacts.  Find companies to follow, industry groups to join, and try out the job search function.  LinkedIn is an excellent tool for job seekers if you take the time to use it.
Connect with people on social media. We can't meet people in person, but you can network through social media.  Go through your contacts and reach out to people that you haven't heard from in a while.  Many people are bored at home and will be happy to hear from you.  Tell them about your job search and ask them if they know of anything that might be available once things settle down.  You can also try to find new connections on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Update your resume and cover letter.  Why don't you take some time to give your resume and cover letter a make over?  Print out some job leads for your target jobs and make sure that your resume and cover letter focus on the key requirements and provide concrete examples and accomplishments.  Also, have a friend look it over to give you feedback on layout and style.  If your resume looks good, it is more likely to be read.
Take care of yourself.  It is important to take care of yourself, especially when you are under a great deal of stress.  This means eating regular and nutritious meals, getting enough sleep, getting regular exercise and not consuming too much caffiene or alcohol.  It's still safe to take a walk and it's good for you to go outdoors  If you are feeling extremely stressed, then try to talk to trusted friends and family members, or even try mindful meditation.  
When you are trying to find a job, it is critical that you maintain a positive mindset.  This can be difficult- especially in this unprecedented situation  The key is to be productive, take it one day at a time, and of wash your hands.  This too will pass.