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The Benefits of Seasonal Employment

While the holiday season is typically slow for the job search, it does offer unique opportunities.  There is a variety of employment specifically available at this time of year, particularly in the retail sector.  You may be tempted just to relax and enjoy the festivities but take a moment to consider this opportunity.  Seasonable employment does provide a variety of benefits to job seekers:

Get a reference.  When you are looking for a job, a professional reference is invaluable.  Many employers will not hire you until they have spoken to two professional references.  Seasonal employment provides you with an opportunity to secure a reference that you can use when looking for a job in the New Year.

Gain new skills.  Even if you're not at this job for a long time, just completing certain tasks allows you to put those skills on your resume.  Having these additional skills could be the edge that you need to get a particular job. 

Expand your network.  When you consider that networking is the most effective job search strategy, it makes sense to focus on building new connections.  A seasonal position allows you to quickly build relationships with your coworkers who may be able to connect you with other companies in your industry after your seasonal employment ends. 

Possibly get a permanent position.  While you can't expect a seasonal position to turn into a permanent job, it is possible.  People move on to other jobs and if your performance was strong, an opportunity could open up for you. 

Make some money.  We can't ignore the obvious benefit of seasonal employment which is, of course, a paycheck!  This extra income can give you some extra time to find permanent employment.  You might even get a discount!

Many other job seekers will take a break from their hunt for the holidays with the plan of starting up in the New Year.  By doing things a little bit differently, you may find that the holiday season is what makes the difference in your job search!


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