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What Jobs are In Demand Right Now?

When you are looking for a job, it is important for you to be strategic.  You need to be focusing on positions where there are actually jobs available.  You can be the best puppeteer in the world, but if there are no jobs available, you are never going to get hired!  Do the research and then pick a job to target.  According to Randstad, here are the top 15 jobs in Canada for 2018:

General Labourer:  This is usually physical work but tasks can include cleaning, lifting, or general handy work.  This work requires you to be physically fit and willing to take on any task.  

Engineering Project Manager.  If you have an education and experience in engineering, there are many opportunities for project managers to oversee construction projects.  

IT Project Manager.  Requiring a background in development, in this job you would be guiding a team of developers and analysts to complete tech projects.  

Forklift Operator.  Certified forklift operators generally work in warehouses and are responsible for moving and stacking merchandise. 

Assembler.  Assembling jobs are in demand in the manufacturing industry.  There are even more jobs available to you if you are able to operate heavy machinery.  

Sales Representatives.  Sales representatives are one of the most in-demand positions in Canada right now. 

Business Analyst.  Business analyst positions vary in specialization and scope but it basically involves strategic planning and analysis to help the business operate effectively.     

Account Manager.  This is essentially a customer service representative who is in charge of a specific business-to-business account.  As an account manager, your job would be to keep your customers happy and to find potential opportunities to increase your business with each customer.

Recruiter.  Employers are always looking for recruiters who can bring talented employees to their company.  Your skills will be even more in demand if you have recruitment experience in engineering or technology.

Machinist.  This job requires you to set up, operate and fix the machinery in factories and manufacturing plants.  CNC machinists are particularly in demand.       

Accountant.  Basically an accountant helps individuals and organizations to effectively manage their finances.  If you have a CPA designation, you won't have any problem finding a job. 

Customer Service Representative.  As front-line employees, customer service representatives are the bread and butter of many organizations.  If you have training and experience with CRM software, you will have a huge advantage over your competition. 

Software Engineer.  In this position, you could be creating anything from desktop applications and web applications to smartphone apps.  If you are skilled in this area, you will have many opportunities available to you.   

Administrative Assistant.  These jobs can include anything from filing and scheduling to accounting and bookkeeping.  If you have accounting skills, you will be able to earn a higher salary and you will never struggle to find work. 

Receptionist.  To be a good receptionist, you need to have a professional appearance, be pleasant, and have a basic understanding of telephone systems and computer programs. 

Now that you know which jobs are in demand, you can start to think about how your skills could be transferrable to these positions.  If these jobs do not appeal to you and you would like to pursue something different, research the labour market to ensure that there are actually jobs available.  If there are too many candidates and not enough jobs, it will take a long time for you to get hired.  

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image by