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You Have More Skills than You Think!

You are probably well aware of all your technical skills.  This includes your degrees and certifications, your experience, your computer skills and any of your other skills and abilities that will allow you to actually complete the responsibilities of the job.  But do you know which transferrable skills you possess?  Your transferrable skils are your personal and interpersonal skills that are important for every single job.  Transferrable skills are arguably more important then some of the technical skill requirements of the job.  Many employers say that they can teach employees how to do the job, but an employee who is lacking in soft skills is difficult to correct.  Here are five transferrable skills that you should highlight:

Interpersonal Skills.   The ability to work effectively with other people is incredibly important for every job.  This includes teamwork and conflict management.  If you are usually able to maintain positive relationships with your coworkers and your supervisor, then this is something that you should emphasize when talking to potential employers. 

Leadership.   Have you noticed that people tend to look to you for direction on what they should do?  Are you good at guiding your coworkers?  If you are a natural leader, it is a skill that will open doors for you in your career. 

Time Management.   In today's workplace, most employees are doing the job of two or three people.  For this reason, the ability to multitask is more important than ever before.  If you are effectively able to prioritize your time so that you are able to complete a large volume of work, this is a skill that is valuable to most employers.   

Communication Skills.  Many people are not good communicators.  If you are a strong communicator, both when you are speaking and when you are writing, it is an asset for you in many types of jobs.  If you think that your communication skills need work, then there are many types of classes and workshops that you can take to improve these skills.

Problem Solving.  The ability to solve problems is arguably the most important skill in your tool box.  Every company has problems and if you are someone that can find solutions, you would be a valuable addition to any team.  Try to find examples of challenging problems that you have solved in previous posiitons and be ready to tell those stories at the interview. 

Usually once the employer gets to the interview stage of recruitment, they have already determined that all of the candidates have the technical skills to do the job.  At this point they are mostly evaluating the candidates' soft skills.  If you can demonstrate at your interview that you do possess transferrable skills, it will significantly increase your odds of getting hired. 

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